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An overcrowded area tends to result in extra time being spent by your plant personnel on moving materials or inventory around to handle the overflow. Let us show you how we can enhance your productivity by utilizing the overhead space in your facility that is not being used. This space is already paid for, will require no additional property taxes, and is already being heated and cooled. Since each mezzanine product is custom designed for each facility (NOT out of light-weight, pre-fabricated stock panels), our representatives have the expertise to efficiently answer your questions and help you develop your project. We consistently help you evaluate your needs for maximizing your square footage, keeping within your budget guidelines.

Industry Applications

--> Industrial Warehouses

--> Material Handling

--> Distribution Centers

--> Automotive Parts Storage

--> Oil and Gas Sites

--> Production Plants

--> Mining Industry

--> Government and Military Installations

--> Archival Records Storage

--> Assembly Areas

--> Aviation Industry

--> Commercial Buildings

--> Retail Backroom Storage

--> Municipal Buildings

Is it time to expand your facility?

Inside a facility

One of the telltale signs for knowing when and how to expand your facility when it is too small is that sales are growing but your facility isn't keeping up with the current business demands, making future growth impossible.

In order to determine whether your plant can adequately support your space requirements, ask yourself the following questions. Do you need to hire additional personnel but lack employee workspace? Do you really need to add an extra machine or equipment to help with the increasing business demands but realize you don't have the floor space?

We can help you address these issues.